Competition Uniforms

Please note that this page is out of date and is scheduled to be updated as soon as possible.

Here we have information that is needed for competitive gymnasts and parents.

If you have a child in one of our competitive programmes, then please take the time to read over our Competitive Handbook. It also includes the codes of conduct.

The gymnastics competitive season runs roughly from May to October, culminating with the NZ National Championships at the start of October.



Pants & Jacket

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

Leotard Step 1 & 2
Leotard Step 3-6
$145 *
Leotard Step 7+
$130 to buy
$20 to hire **

*Price depends on exchange rate, and cost to make, as they are a special order.
**Per competition.

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

Size 8 – 14 = $32.63
Size Adult Small = $42.98
Size 8 – 12 = $32.63
Size Adult Small = $40.68

Prices are subject to change.

Sports Aerobics

Custom Leotard Example
Tan Tights

*Prices are approximate.

Aerobic leotards are custom made, and chosen by the coach and team.
Please discuss these matters with the coaches and your aerobic team before placing any orders.
To place an order, please contact Jo Singer. – Visit her website or ph: 027 214 1975.

Shoes can be bought from Rebel Sports, or elsewhere. They must be white top and sole.