Gymnastics for All



Drop-in-Gym is a chance for pre-school children to play in the gymnasium in a safe and supervised way, without a formal programme. It is a great alternative to other pre-school programmes. Parent supervision is essential.


PlayGym introduces pre-school children to the basics of controlled movement in a fun way.
Each term focuses on skills such as;

  • safe landings
  • jumping
  • balancing
  • rotations
  • swinging
  • different forms of locomotion

The PlayGym programme is aimed at children aged 2½ years, up to school age. Younger supervised siblings are welcome to join in. Parent participation is essential.

Kiwi GymFun

The Kiwi GymFun programme is designed to teach gymnastic skills in a graduated, enjoyable way. The programme progresses through 6 levels and children receive a badge and certificate at the end of term if they pass their current level. Kiwi GymFun is aimed at children from 5-7 years of age.

Incentive Awards

The Incentive Awards programme runs through 7 levels in 3 gymnastics disciplines. Each term is spent with a focus on either Artistic, Aerobic, or Trampoline gymnastics. The gymnasts attend a testing day at the end of each term, where if they pass their level they will receive their badge. The Incentive Awards are split into two age groups; 7 – 10 years of age, and 10+.


Gymsports levels range from Iron to Elite. These classes are for those who want to do competitions that are not as intense as the national competitive stream. The classes are for boys and girls, and even allow them to compete with each other on certain apparatus.
Entry into these classes are by request of coach evaluation only.


Children in this class will be learning a range of floor skills and aiming to develop tumbling passes using handsprings and other skills. This is a great class to learn skills such as aerials and walkover that can be performed for dance classes. The class is open for children aged 7+.

Ninja Warrior

Our Ninja Warrior class is aimed towards children ages 7 – 11. The class is mostly focused on teaching parkour, freerunning, and basic gymnastic techniques as an introduction towards freerunning. This is the best class for children wanting to learn how to overcome obstacles and use parkour safely.

Teen Gym

Teen Gym is a class for those approximately 12 – 16 years of age. The class is a combination between the traditional artistic gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, parkour, and free-running. The class is designed to provide teens with a wide range of abilities without the confines of the other programme structures.


The Adults class is an open class that caters for the needs of anyone who does not fit in other classes. The class is open for ages 16+, with some exceptions allowed at the coach’s discretion.
This class is semi-structured, allowing people to explore different types of acrobatics such as; acrobatic gymnastics, free-running, artistic gymnastics, and other freestyle movement.


This class is designed to help develop general strength and mobility for those aged 60+. It will help to restore normal body movement for functional activities. All abilities are welcome to join in.