Trampoline Gymnastics

There are four events under the trampoline code, these are Individual Trampoline, Synchronised Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline, and Power Tumbling.
NZ has two pathways for trampoline gymnastics, the first is the age group pathway, this means athletes compete in their age group and get to participate at competitions in New Zealand and at the National Championships if they qualify.
The second pathway is the international pathway, this is for athlete able and wanting to represent NZ at international competitions, these athletes also compete within NZ and at the National Championships.

Here at IGC we have four classes for the trampoline gymnastics discipline.

Junior Trampoline:  This class trains 1 hour per week. It is a recreational class for those just starting out in trampolining, or for those who just want to learn the basics on trampoline and double mini-tramp without needing to compete.

Junior Tumbling: This class trains 1.5 hours per week. It is a recreational class for learning basic tumbling skills, such as round offs, flic-flacs, and aerials. This is a great class for learning skills to be added to dance routines, and getting the basics to put tumbling passes together.

Intermediate: The intermediates train 3 hours per week. This class is for those older gymnasts wanting more than one session a week, but not yet ready to compete. They train trampoline, DMT, and tumbling.

Senior: The seniors train 6 hours per week. This class is for gymnasts competing and aiming for the national championships. They train and compete in all events; individual trampoline, sychronised trampoline, DMT, and tumbling.

Please note that gymnasts do not have to do all events. They have the option to choose which events they train and compete in.
Gymnasts will need to be assessed before being able to join the intermediate or senior classes.
However, anyone aged 7 or older can join the junior classes.