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Gymnastics has always been considered a minor sporting code in New Zealand, yet at the same time it is recognised as a foundation sport which should be a part of every child’s physical education.

Invercargill Gymnastic Club has its beginnings in 1972, operating initially under the name, Athenic Gym Club, and affiliated to the Otago Gymnastics Association. Much of the club’s strength, and ongoing success, can be attributed to the longstanding policy of “growing our own” coaches. IGC has undergone a fundamental transformation, from a club based completely on volunteers, both coaches and administrators, to a professional coaching base.

Today the club boasts over 250 members and a pool of trained and committed coaches operating from a permanently set up gymnasium with an extensive range of equipment.

We would like to say a big thank you for all our staff for the jobs they do. The club would not manage without the team to fill the roles.

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Acting Club President
Aaron Scarlett
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Secretary / Treasurer

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Administration Officer
Jo Miller
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