Coaching Team

We would like to say a big thank you for all our staff for the jobs they do. The club would not manage without the team to fill the roles.

AER Head Coach
Tracey Maclennan
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GfA & TRA Head Coach
Emily Feit
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MAG Head Coach
Ranan Feit
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WAG Head Coach
Casey Barlow
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Coaches List

Last Name First Name Position
Anderson Lachlan Youth Coach / Volunteer
Ballantyne Jessica Lead Coach
Barlow Casey WAG HC
Burnett Ethan Youth Coach
Burrows Sean Youth Coach
Bylsma Jane Lead Coach
Feit Emily GFA & TRA HC
Feit Ranan Coaching Director & MAG HC
Henderson Anna Youth Coach
Maclennan Anais Youth Coach
Maclennan Tracey AER HC