IGC Information Folder

The Invercargill Gymnastic Club maintains an information folder which contains all relevant information to do with the club.

It is hoped that through this Information Folder, the IGC Executive can keep in touch with all Members of the IGC and provide accessible and understandable documentation which covers all areas of the IGC. This may include foundation information, day-to-day running information, class information, enrolment information, codes of conduct, role descriptions, and all IGC policies, procedures, processes and plans. By making this information readily available to everyone, those who wish to learn more are able to gain a deeper understanding of how the IGC works, while those who need clarification on a specific topic are able to quickly and easily find the up-to-date answers.

NOTE: This folder is a work in progress, and as such is still incomplete.
This table of contents is only a draft, and currently only has the
completed and printed documents listed here.
The rest is still to come.
UPDATED: 17/08/18

1) Background Information

a) Amendment Procedure
b) Introduction
c) Contents Page/s
d) Certificate of Incorporation
e) The IGC Constitution
f) Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives
g) The Hierarchical Systems

i) Hierarchical Systems Chart
ii) List of Assigned Roles
iii) IGC Coaches – Role Overviews
iv) IGC Executive – Role Overviews

h) Progression Flow Charts

i) Competitive Classes
ii) Gym for All Classes

2) Class Specific Information

c) Class Fees
d) Class Timetable

3) Gymnasts and Parents

a) Enrolment Information

iii) GymSports NZ Enrolment form
iv) IGC Enrolment Form
v) Intention to Return Form
vi) Exit Survey

b) Welcome Guides

i) Competitive Classes
ii) Gym for All Classes

c) Codes of Conduct

i) Code of Conduct – Members/Athletes
ii) Code of Conduct – Parents/Spectators

d) Member Role Descriptions

i) Administration Officer Role Description

a. Independent Contractor Agreement – Administrative Roles

ii) Groundskeeper Role Description
iii) Gymnasium Cleaner Role Description
iv) Physiotherapist Cooperation – Memorandum of Understanding

4) Coaches and Deliverers

a) Welcome Information

ii) Independent Contractor Agreement
iii) Guide to Schedule One
iv) Code of Conduct – Coaches
v) Code of Ethics (from Sport NZ)
vi) Memorandum of Understanding – Education Investment
ix) Purchase Request Procedure

a. Purchase Request Form

b) Coach Role Descriptions

i) Head Coach Role Description
ii) Lead Coach Role Description
iii) Support Coach Role Description
iv) Youth Coach Role Description

5) Executive Committee

a) Welcome Guide
b) Executive Committee Role Descriptions

i) President
ii) Vice-President
iii) Secretary
iv) Treasurer
v) Coaching Director
vi) Competition Secretary
vii) Immediate Past President
viii) Canteen Coordinator
ix) Grants and Funding Coordinator
x) Hazards and Faults Coordinator
xi) Technology Coordinator
xii) Uniform Coordinator(s)
xiii) Volunteer Coordinator(s)

d) Competitions and other Events

ii) IGC Competitive Gymnastics Competitions

b. Set-up and Take-down Guide
c. Emcee Guide

6) Plans, Policies and Procedures

a) Plans

i) IGC/GymSports NZ Club Development Plan

b) Policies – Health & Wellbeing

i) Anti-Doping
ii) Blood & Body Fluid Policy
iii) Complaints
iv) Emergencies Policy
v) Head & Neck Injuries
vi) Massage & Stretching of Athletes
vii) No Smoking Policy
viii) Risk Management Policy
ix) Gymnast Training – Assessment Procedure

c) Policies – Financial

i) Education & Recruitment Policy
ii) Fee Reimbursement Policy
iii) Payment of Accounts Policy

d) Procedures

i) Notification Procedure