Nationals 2012

We have now added the results from this year’s national championships, as well as adding a new section onto the media page for the photos from the trip up as well as all sorts of things that went on there. We hope that you enjoy it all.

Nationals was a great experience for all of those involved. This year the club has done very well, coming away from the event with plenty of medals. We had a team of twelve gymnasts who went up to compete in Blenheim at the Artistic Gymnastic Nationals, and another team of six gymnasts who went to Dunedin to compete at the Aerobic Gymnastic Nationals.

From the artistic team we had two Mens Artistic gymnasts who competed at Nationals. Sean Burrows and Slade Smith are the first males to represent Southland at Nationals in over five years. Out of the team of twelve, six of them won medals.

Step 5
Imogen Peterson
2nd on Vault

Jessica Ballantyne
3rd on Vault

Step 6
Jaidene Marshall
3rd on Uneven Bars

Step 7
Kaley Webster
2nd All Around
3rd on Beam
3rd on Uneven Bars

Step 8
Karisa Webster
3rd on Vault

Step 9
India Henry
2nd All Around
3rd on Floor
1st on Uneven Bars, Beam, and Vault.

We also had some medals from our aerobic team. These will hopefully be listed soon when we update this post.


What an exciting month!

We have just completed our Southland Champs competition, and I believe everyone did really well, so well done everyone.
A big ‘thank you!’ to all those who helped it run so that we could let the gymnasts compete.

The results for the competition are up in the 2012 Results page.

On top of that, the Olympics have started at the same time too! Keep a close eye on those olympic athletes people, it should be amazing to watch them compete. Who is your favourite gymnast…….?

To top it all off, there is the school Gym Festival next month. So for those who are interested, I hope you have entered and started working on those displays. The festival is always great fun for all who attend.

One other note to mention, there is a new ‘Masters’ class being started at the gym. So any adults interested in possibly taking part in the masters competition, have a talk to Tracey about the class. The class information has been added to our classes and recreation page if you want any additional information.

Keep an eye out! Not every small update is mentioned here, so there might even be some other things, or new photos added since you last looked.

Photos Added

We have updated our media section of the website.

There are two pages now in the Media drop down menu.
We have one for the MAG classes (Pre-Comp to Level 4), and another for the WAG Step 4 – 6 (coached by Emma).

We will keep adding more photos when they become available, though if there are only a few, you may not see a post pointing out the added content.

Please note, if there is a photo of your child on here that you would like us to remove, please inform us so that we can either edit the photo, or remove it. A disclaimer for media has already been signed with the gym’s enrollment form, however we do try to accommodate parents requests when possible.


Hi all, hope you enjoy the holiday break.
Holiday training hours are listed below. Payments for these sessions are out of the normal term and should have been arranged by the coach.

Also, please note that competition results from Dunedin have been posted up in the results section.


WAG – Step 2
(Casey & Emily)

Fri, 6 July @ 4 – 6pm
Mon, 9 July @ 4:30 – 6:30pm
Tue, 10 July @ 3:30 – 5:30pm
Fri, 13 July @ 2 – 4pm

WAG Step 3 & 4
(Emma & Hayley)

Mon, 2 July @ 10:30 – 1:30pm
Tue, 3 July @ 10:30 – 1:30pm
Thu, 5 July @ 10:30 – 1:30pm
Fri, 6 July @ 10:30 – 1:30pm
Mon, 9 July @ 3 – 6pm
Tue, 10 July @ 3 – 6pm
Thu, 12 July @ 3 – 6pm
Fri, 13 July @ 11:30 – 2:30pm

WAG Step 5 & 6

Mon, 2 July @ 5:30 – 8pm
Tue, 3 July @ 3:30 – 7pm
Wed, 4 July @ 3:30 – 7pm
Thu, 5 July @ 3:30 – 7pm

WAG Step 6+

Tue, 3 July @ 3:30 – 7pm
Thu, 5 July @ 3:30 – 7pm
Mon, 9 July @ 5 – 8pm
Wed, 11 July @ 1 – 4pm
Fri, 13 July @ 3 – 6pm

MAG Level 1 – 4
(Ranan & Emily)

Wed, 4 July @ 4 – 6pm
MAG Clinic – Sat & Sun
Wed, 11 July @ 4 – 6pm

Adults Class

Wed, 4 July @ 7 – 9pm
Wed, 11 July @ 7 – 9pm

New Website!!

IGC has finally got a new website. We are hoping that this will be used more often and we have put all the information we think will be needed up here. For coaches, gymnasts, parents, and everyone else.

Hope you all enjoy!