What an exciting month!

We have just completed our Southland Champs competition, and I believe everyone did really well, so well done everyone.
A big ‘thank you!’ to all those who helped it run so that we could let the gymnasts compete.

The results for the competition are up in the 2012 Results page.

On top of that, the Olympics have started at the same time too! Keep a close eye on those olympic athletes people, it should be amazing to watch them compete. Who is your favourite gymnast…….?

To top it all off, there is the school Gym Festival next month. So for those who are interested, I hope you have entered and started working on those displays. The festival is always great fun for all who attend.

One other note to mention, there is a new ‘Masters’ class being started at the gym. So any adults interested in possibly taking part in the masters competition, have a talk to Tracey about the class. The class information has been added to our classes and recreation page if you want any additional information.

Keep an eye out! Not every small update is mentioned here, so there might even be some other things, or new photos added since you last looked.