Artistic Awards

The Artistic Awards programme run through 10 grades in artistic gymnastics. The gymnasts get tested in week 7 in terms 1-3. Where if the pass their grade they will receive a certificate and then progress onto the the next grade.
Grades 1-3 will be tested in terms 1-3.
Grades 4-6 will be tested every second term.
Grades 7-10 (Advanced class) will be tested as they are ready.

The Artistic Awards are split by age and grade.
Junior – Ages 7-9 (Grades 1-6)
Senior – Ages 10+ (Grades 1-6)
Advanced – Grades 7-10

Cost – See our fees and timetable page HERE.

Junior Trampolining

Children in this class will be learning a range of trampoline and double-mini trampoline skills. This helps greatly with spatial awareness and body coordination. The trampolining programme progresses through 10 levels, and children receive a certificate and ribbon at the end of the term if they pass their current level. It typically takes 2 terms to pass a level. The class is open for children aged 5+.
The Junior Trampoline classes are split into 3 age groups.
Junior Jumpers 5 – 6 years
Junior Tramp 7 – 9 years
Junior Tramp 10 – 16 years

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SportFit is all about body conditioning, coordination, and fitness to ensure you are prepared for your chosen sport. The class covers bodyweight strength training, plyometric / jump training to increase speed and power, core strength, flexibility, and aerobic fitness. Athletes will also have an opportunity to cover some gymnastics and parkour skills such as handstands and vaults which prepares the upper body for weight bearing exercises and improved agility. 

Recommended ages 11 – 17 years.

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Regional Competitive – Entry by Assessment Only

Regional Competitive levels range from Iron to Elite. These classes are for those who want to do competitions that are not as intense as the national competitive stream. These classes are for boys and girls.
Entry into these classes are by request of coach evaluation only.

Recommended ages 7 – 16 years.

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Aerobic Gymnastics – Entry by Assessment Only

Aerobic Gymnastics is a sport based on the ability to perform continuously complex and high intensity movement patterns to music, which originate from traditional aerobic dance.
We offer competitive aerobics for those athletes who would like to work towards performing routines at competitions. Our Junior class also accommodates those who do not wish to compete but still participate in a high energy sport.

There are 3 main classes;

Intermediates, &

Recommended ages 6 – 17 years.

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Men’s Gymnastics – Entry by Assessment Only

The Invercargill Gymnastic Club uses the National Competitive programme for our competitive male gymnasts. Within the programme are 9 levels, with the 10th level being international. Gymnasts through levels 1 – 6 use compulsory routines, and once in level 7+ they use optional routines that vary in difficulty.

Entry into these competitive classes are done by assessment only.
Typically a gymnast would have done some basic training within one of our other classes first before moving towards this competitive stream. Classes such as Kiwi GymFun or Boys Only are common entry pathways. We do occasionally have a few exceptions, though they are rare.

The men’s competitive classes are done according to ability, not age, so in some cases we would have 7 year olds training in the same class as 12 year olds.

Recommended ages 6 – 18+ years.

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Trampoline Gymnastics – Entry by Assessment Only

Our Trampoline Gymnastic code covers both trampoline and tumbling.
Athletes who compete in this code can choose to compete in Individual Trampoline, Synchronised Trampoline, Double-mini Trampoline, and Tumbling.
We follow the National New Zealand Technical Handbook which works with age groups as opposed to levels. Age groups starting at 9 up to 17+.
There is also an international stream that is broken into age groups as well.

Recommended ages 6 – 17+ years.

Cost – See our fees and timetable page HERE.