The Adults class is an open class that caters for the needs of anyone who does not fit in other classes. The class is open for ages 16+, with some exceptions allowed at the coach’s discretion.
This class is semi-structured, allowing people to explore different types of acrobatics such as; acrobatic gymnastics, free-running, artistic gymnastics, and other freestyle movement.

Recommended ages 16 – 60 years.

Cost – See our fees and timetable page HERE.

Men’s Gymnastics – Entry by Assessment Only

The Invercargill Gymnastic Club uses the National Competitive programme for our competitive male gymnasts. Within the programme are 9 levels, with the 10th level being international. Gymnasts through levels 1 – 6 use compulsory routines, and once in level 7+ they use optional routines that vary in difficulty.

Entry into these competitive classes are done by assessment only.
Typically a gymnast would have done some basic training within one of our other classes first before moving towards this competitive stream. Classes such as Kiwi GymFun or Boys Only are common entry pathways. We do occasionally have a few exceptions, though they are rare.

The men’s competitive classes are done according to ability, not age, so in some cases we would have 7 year olds training in the same class as 12 year olds.

Recommended ages 6 – 18+ years.

Cost – See our fees and timetable page HERE.

Trampoline Gymnastics – Entry by Assessment Only

Our Trampoline Gymnastic code covers both trampoline and tumbling.
Athletes who compete in this code can choose to compete in Individual Trampoline, Synchronised Trampoline, Double-mini Trampoline, and Tumbling.
We follow the National New Zealand Technical Handbook which works with age groups as opposed to levels. Age groups starting at 9 up to 17+.
There is also an international stream that is broken into age groups as well.

Recommended ages 6 – 17+ years.

Cost – See our fees and timetable page HERE.