Aerobic Gymnastics

Aerobic Gymnastics is a sport based on the ability to perform continuously complex and high intensity movement patterns to music, which originate from traditional aerobic dance. The routine must demonstrate continuous movement, flexibility and strength, with a high degree of well executed elements of difficulty.

The Invercargill Gymnastic Club offers competitive aerobics for those athletes who would like to work towards performing routines at competitions. There are STEPs 1 – 9, as well as ADP for those with the ability to progress further. From STEP 4 onwards, athletes have the opportunity to qualify and represent Southland at the National Championships.

Aerobic gymnasts can compete in three events;

  • Individuals
  • Pairs
  • Groups

The Invercargill Gymnastic Club aerobic athletes learn compulsory routines from the National Aerobic programme (STEPs 1, 3, 5, 7, & 9), as well as club choreographed routines (STEPs 2, 4, 6, & 8). Our Junior class also accommodates those who do not wish to compete but still participate in a high energy sport.

There are three classes;

Junior: 3 hours per week

Senior: 5.5 hours per week

ADP International: 5.5 hours per week

For more technical information, you can download the national manual HERE.
(Link updated 26/05/18)