Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

The Invercargill Gymnastic Club uses the National Competitive programme for our competitive male gymnasts. Within the programme are 9 levels, with the 10th level being international. Gymnasts through levels 1 – 6 use compulsory routines, and once in level 7+ they use optional routines that vary in difficulty.

There is also a Ribbon Award Scheme that is used for levels 1 – 6 as an incentive performance based scheme, which gives instant recognition to individual achievement independent of a gymnast’s ranking in a competition. The gymnasts receive different coloured ribbons signifying the different score targets they have passed.
The transitional class into the men’s programme is the boys Pre-Competition class. In this class the boys develop the basic strength, flexibility, and techniques required for the junior levels.
The National levels are split into three groups:


The junior levels of the men’s gymnastics programme develop the boys strength, flexibility, coordination, and basic skills. The boys compete in club and regional competitions using compulsory routines that advance progressively in difficulty. The recommended age range for these levels are 6 – 12.

Level 1: 4.5 hours per week
Level 2: 5.5 hours per week
Level 3: 8.5 hours per week


The intermediate levels of the men’s programme builds upon the skills already learnt and helps develop more complex skill sequences. Once the boys are into the intermediate levels they are eligible to compete at the National Championships, still using compulsory routines. The recommended age range for these levels are 9 – 14.

Level 4: 13 hours per week
Level 5+: 13 hours per week


The senior levels work on very advanced and complex skills and skill sequences. These routines are optional and vary in difficulty according to what the athletes are capable of.

For more technical information, you can download the national manual HERE. (updated 26/05/18)

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